Pads Pod Episode 25: Boycott

On the 25th episode of Pads Pod, Manny and Ryan discuss if a temporary boycott of the Padres would be an effective tool for showing fan dissatisfaction and improving the quality of the team. Then we get all philosophical on your asses, and discuss what the minimum requirements are to consider yourself a fan of a given team.  We also boldly attempt to answer the question: “What is the Padres identity, and have they ever had one?”  We even talk about that jabronie extraordinare, James Shields.


*At the beginning of the episode, Ryan refers to it as episode 26. He was incorrect.  Like you give a shit.

Pads Pod Episode 24: Sweep!

For reasons which remain uncertain, Episode 24 may be the greatest episode of Pads Pod ever. On this episode we critique and respond to Kevin Acee’s article, “Getting in early on believing in Padres.” In doing so, we discuss whether or not the 2016 Pads are more fun to watch than the star-studded 2015 edition, in what ways we’ve improved as a ball club since then, how the club house chemistry appears to be different, and if there’s any value in improvement during a doomed season.

We finish the episode by playing a game entitled “Padres Mark-Ass Bitch” which involves a discussion of the most notable Padres personalities named Mark.

We are also treated to a commercial for the Aero Club starring Fernando Rodney and Wil Myers.*


*As usual, the Aero Club, nor any Padres players, had anything to do with our shitty podcast.

Pads Pod Episode 23: We’re Just Talking

On the 23rd episode of Pads Pod, the crew covers a variety of topics over the course of an informal yet invigorating discussion about the month of April for the San Diego Padres.  They touch on Adam Rosales’ gumpy but inspirational smile and style of play, Andy Green’s ejection, Melvin Upton’s resurgence and Jedd Gyorko’s boos.  We also see the debut of #statboimoi.


In other news, the Pads Pod Store is now open. There’s no markup on the shirts, so we ain’t making shit off them.  Peep game.

Big Mac draggin little Andy off by his ear

Pads Pod Episode 22: Intervention

On this episode of Pads Pod, we talk about the opening series with the Dodgers to the degree that we could stomach that discussion.

We then move on to chat about lineup changes between the 2015 and 2016 seasons, and how different the Padres lineup might be in 2017.

Among other randomness, we also hear from a new sponsor and talk about James Loney.

Near the end of the episode, the tone takes an unexpected turn that’s sure to make you run the gamut of human emotions. 

Pads Pod Episode 21: Imprint

Opening day of the 2016 season for our San Diego Padres is upon us.  In this mellow, easy like Sunday morning episode, we had the distinct pleasure to once again be joined by Mario from Grandstand Podcast.


We get Spring Training and Fanfest reports from Yoshi, and then we all engage in ‘very specific predictions’* for the 2016 season.  Listen, enjoy and then go check out the new episode of Grandstand Podcast over at Grandstand Podcast.


*The idea of ‘very specific predictions’ came from this wonderful ‘cast.  If you’re a soccer fan, I highly recommend it:

Pads Pod- A San Diego Padres Podcast

Pads Pod Episode 20: Hot Takes

After a long offseason of meeting with sponsors, we’ve been under a lot of pressure to grow the Pads Pod brand.  We’ve been told over and over that we need to appeal to a wider audience.  What do the masses want?  Apparently they want ‘hot takes.’  Well, as the teenagers say, “we gots to get paid.” So, here you have it.

On this episode of Pads Pod, Manny and Ryan record live from the Mission Valley Mall.  We take calls, twitter questions and play “Buy or Sell” regarding the Padres’ trip to Mexico City.  For your mass enjoyment, we also play “Over/Under” in order to predict the amount of wins the Friars will garner in the 2016 season.  Finally, you’ll from Wil Myers as he recites his love for the Mexican food of North Carolina.

Pads Pod Episode 19: In the Grandstand

This week, the crew interviews Mario of  We learn about Mario’s intelligent and thought provoking podcast, and then we wax philosophical on the state of baseball.


Why is baseball so beautiful? Is the game dying?  Why has Mario become disillusioned with the experience at Petco?  How big is John Jay’s butt?  All of these issues and more are addressed this week on…..PADS POD.


Visit The Grandstand at  The podcast is also available on iTunes.

Pads Pod Episode 18: Open the Eyes of My Heart

Some big news in the Padres universe brings Pads Pod together for an offseason episode.  We discuss the hiring of Andy Green and the Craig Kimbrel trade.  We also chat about the leaked hat pictures which may provide clues as to the Padres’ new uniforms for 2016.  Through it all we discuss religion, racism and John Rocker.  Come hear the gospel.

Below, along with some some random pictures, you’ll find the gif (via @sdutSports) of Andy Green that we mentioned during the podcast.


Pads Pad Episode 16: Be A Penguin

After an extended matrimonial induced break, Pads Pod is back. We discuss what went wrong this season. What are we satisfied with? What changes do we want to see moving forward into 2016? Also, we muse about the infamous and erotic Padres cops and robbers photo.

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