Pads Pod Episode 24: Sweep!

For reasons which remain uncertain, Episode 24 may be the greatest episode of Pads Pod ever. On this episode we critique and respond to Kevin Acee’s article, “Getting in early on believing in Padres.” In doing so, we discuss whether or not the 2016 Pads are more fun to watch than the star-studded 2015 edition, in what ways we’ve improved as a ball club since then, how the club house chemistry appears to be different, and if there’s any value in improvement during a doomed season.

We finish the episode by playing a game entitled “Padres Mark-Ass Bitch” which involves a discussion of the most notable Padres personalities named Mark.

We are also treated to a commercial for the Aero Club starring Fernando Rodney and Wil Myers.*


*As usual, the Aero Club, nor any Padres players, had anything to do with our shitty podcast.