Pads Pod Episode 14: Most Likely to Succeed

On this episode of Pads Pod, we ponder what would happen if you bred two current Padres to create one Super Padre.  Pads HighAlso, we dole out our midseason high school yearbook awards.  Find out which Padre we deem most likely to go to prison or marry for money.

Pads Pod Episode 13: Hope You’re Not Lonely

On this, the 13th episode of Pads Pod, we discuss some comments made by Dave Cameron, the managing editor of FanGraphs, about AJ’s offseason moves and the future of the Padres franchise.  Take a look at the quote below:

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.20.38 AM

Also, we discuss the picture you’ll see below, which depicts a seemingly stoned AJ Preller at a local Denny’s.

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Make sure to listen to the whole goddamned episode, so you can hear our commercial featuring an interview with Jesse Agler and AJ about the new AJ Preller breakfast special at Denny’s.


And, here’s a bonus tribute to an All-Star in all of our hearts, Jedd Gyorko.