Pads Pod Episode 15: Fire in the Rain

On this episode of Pads Pod, we discuss AJ’s refusal to sell at the trade deadline. The team visits Manny in New York to play the Mets and we get some insight on what AJ told the players at the end of that series. We also prepare for a Padres World Series, 30 for 30 documentary, and some special olympics.

Pads Pod Episode 13: Hope You’re Not Lonely

On this, the 13th episode of Pads Pod, we discuss some comments made by Dave Cameron, the managing editor of FanGraphs, about AJ’s offseason moves and the future of the Padres franchise.  Take a look at the quote below:

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.20.38 AM

Also, we discuss the picture you’ll see below, which depicts a seemingly stoned AJ Preller at a local Denny’s.

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Make sure to listen to the whole goddamned episode, so you can hear our commercial featuring an interview with Jesse Agler and AJ about the new AJ Preller breakfast special at Denny’s.


And, here’s a bonus tribute to an All-Star in all of our hearts, Jedd Gyorko.

Pads Pod Episode 11: Try Hard

On this episode of Pads Pod, we discuss possible tension brewing in the clubhouse.  We also opine about the Padres radio and TV broadcast teams.

Below, you’ll find the video of James Shields and Matt Kemp that we reference in the podcast.  Consider it Exhibit A that there might be some unrest among Padres players.


*We recorded this podcast just before the Dodgers series.  Therefore, we don’t discuss the Bud Black firing.  Look for comments on that shit sandwich in two weeks (we are taking a week off because Manny’s lazy ass in going on vacation in scary foreign country).

Pads Pod Episode 10: Happy Anniversary

On our 10th anniversary episode we talking pitching:

Should the coaching staff be getting more credit for the turnarounds of OD and Kennedy?  Also, we discuss James Shields’ leadership role and if he’s maybe going a bit too far.

Lastly, we analyze our upcoming schedule and make some predictions for the season.

This episode was recorded immediately after the Mets series and is brought to you buy Shotgun Tom Kelly.


Pads Pod Episode 9: The Real BR

On the ninth episode of Pads Pod, recorded during the series against the Angels, we search for optimism with this underwhelming Padres team.  We then compare Southern Californian ball park experiences.  Finally, we take our first call from a man who hates baseball and is dead set on its destruction.

Pads Pod Episode 8: Sorry Fam

On the eighth episode of Pads Pod, we wonder in vain about the source of the team’s inconsistencies.  Also, in a bit of a change of pace, we take a more holistic look at baseball and discuss whether baseball code and culture will prevent its future growth.

In order to fully enjoy our baseball culture discussion, you should take a look at the following two pieces of media:

1. Vice Sports: “MLB’s Culture Clash, or Why Baseball is Boring”

2. HBO Real Sports: Chris Rock’s Take on Blacks in Baseball


Pads Pod Episode 7: Return to the Hamper

On this episode of Pads Pod, we return to the laundry hamper and describe some interesting events we witnessed in the Padres’ clubhouse.

*This episode was recorded about a week ago during the series with the Diamondbacks.  Because of some technical difficulties, we weren’t able to edit and upload it until today.  However, because most of what we talk about has proven to still be relevant (i.e. Despaigne totally sucking), we’ve decided to release it rather than scrap it.  A new, and more current episode will be recorded tomorrow.

Pads Pod Episode 6: The Resurrection

On the sixth episode of Pads Pod, we discuss how seriously we should take the Padres brief stopover in Loserville. We then return to the bright side and play a matching game featuring some impressive and surprising statistics.  Finally, we deviate from the norm and talk Chargers with Little Moe, who has come back from the dead.

*This episode was recorded before the sweep of the Rockies was complete, so disregard any negative thing we said because obviously we won’t lose another game for the rest of the season.

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