Pads Pod Episode 23: We’re Just Talking

On the 23rd episode of Pads Pod, the crew covers a variety of topics over the course of an informal yet invigorating discussion about the month of April for the San Diego Padres.  They touch on Adam Rosales’ gumpy but inspirational smile and style of play, Andy Green’s ejection, Melvin Upton’s resurgence and Jedd Gyorko’s boos.  We also see the debut of #statboimoi.


In other news, the Pads Pod Store is now open. There’s no markup on the shirts, so we ain’t making shit off them.  Peep game.

Big Mac draggin little Andy off by his ear

Pads Pod Episode 14: Most Likely to Succeed

On this episode of Pads Pod, we ponder what would happen if you bred two current Padres to create one Super Padre.  Pads HighAlso, we dole out our midseason high school yearbook awards.  Find out which Padre we deem most likely to go to prison or marry for money.