Game Notes: Padres vs D-Bags (4-15)

Henceforth, Pads Pod shall attempt to post some takeaway thoughts/notes following most games. Below, you’ll find the above-mentioned attempt as we think through the Padres’ 3-2 defeat of Arizona to gain a series win and complete a 5-2 homestand.

Our superstars don’t take the game for granted:  

Unlike that douchebag right fielder up in LA, our superstars hustle and play humble. Upton’s huge night, which consisted of 2 singles, a diving catch, and a game winning solo HR, is a great example of that. Upton realizes it’s a team game.  He is having smart, contact-focused at bats when needed, but also seems to realize when it’s appropriate to swing for the fences.

Also, Upton got super fucking pissed when he popped out with men on in the sixth.  That’s not the first time I’ve seen him do that.  Dude knows he’s a leader and accountable.

I think this applies to Kemp too.  He hasn’t gone yard yet, but that shit doesn’t bother him.  He’s taking what’s being given to him and getting on base instead (or sacrifice flying in the 6th) instead of trying to make it on shitty-ass SportsCenter.

How the fuck did the Diamondbacks win a World Series?:  

They’re fucking lame.

We haven’t hit full stride but still look formidable:  

While Myers, Norris, Kemp and Alonso are swinging the bat really well and making good contact, I still feel like we haven’t seen them play to the full extent of their capabilities with respect to power (with the possible exception of Yonder). Yet, we’re winning games. Wil Myers is a good example of this dynamic.  Up to this point he hasn’t been what you’d call mashing, but he’s still making positive contributions by getting on base and putting up the occasional RBI. Today he had a single in the 3rd, and a double in the 6th (he was also caught stealing, but that doesn’t fit with my narrative, so fuck that). When the guys I mentioned start showing the power they’ve shown in the past, fools (i.e. other baseball teams) are gonna get straight exterminated.

Starters don’t get rattled:

Almost all of our starters have worked through adversity so far this season.  Today Morrow started off poorly, by giving up 2 runs in the first, but then settled down. He finished the game by throwing five scoreless innings and then giving way to Benoit and Kimbrel who picked up his third orgasmic save.