Pads Pod Episode 11: Try Hard

On this episode of Pads Pod, we discuss possible tension brewing in the clubhouse.  We also opine about the Padres radio and TV broadcast teams.

Below, you’ll find the video of James Shields and Matt Kemp that we reference in the podcast.  Consider it Exhibit A that there might be some unrest among Padres players.


*We recorded this podcast just before the Dodgers series.  Therefore, we don’t discuss the Bud Black firing.  Look for comments on that shit sandwich in two weeks (we are taking a week off because Manny’s lazy ass in going on vacation in scary foreign country).

Pads Pod Episode 10: Happy Anniversary

On our 10th anniversary episode we talking pitching:

Should the coaching staff be getting more credit for the turnarounds of OD and Kennedy?  Also, we discuss James Shields’ leadership role and if he’s maybe going a bit too far.

Lastly, we analyze our upcoming schedule and make some predictions for the season.

This episode was recorded immediately after the Mets series and is brought to you buy Shotgun Tom Kelly.


Pads Pod Episode 9: The Real BR

On the ninth episode of Pads Pod, recorded during the series against the Angels, we search for optimism with this underwhelming Padres team.  We then compare Southern Californian ball park experiences.  Finally, we take our first call from a man who hates baseball and is dead set on its destruction.

Pads Pod Episode 8: Sorry Fam

On the eighth episode of Pads Pod, we wonder in vain about the source of the team’s inconsistencies.  Also, in a bit of a change of pace, we take a more holistic look at baseball and discuss whether baseball code and culture will prevent its future growth.

In order to fully enjoy our baseball culture discussion, you should take a look at the following two pieces of media:

1. Vice Sports: “MLB’s Culture Clash, or Why Baseball is Boring”

2. HBO Real Sports: Chris Rock’s Take on Blacks in Baseball


Pads Pod Episode 7: Return to the Hamper

On this episode of Pads Pod, we return to the laundry hamper and describe some interesting events we witnessed in the Padres’ clubhouse.

*This episode was recorded about a week ago during the series with the Diamondbacks.  Because of some technical difficulties, we weren’t able to edit and upload it until today.  However, because most of what we talk about has proven to still be relevant (i.e. Despaigne totally sucking), we’ve decided to release it rather than scrap it.  A new, and more current episode will be recorded tomorrow.

Pads Pod Episode 6: The Resurrection

On the sixth episode of Pads Pod, we discuss how seriously we should take the Padres brief stopover in Loserville. We then return to the bright side and play a matching game featuring some impressive and surprising statistics.  Finally, we deviate from the norm and talk Chargers with Little Moe, who has come back from the dead.

*This episode was recorded before the sweep of the Rockies was complete, so disregard any negative thing we said because obviously we won’t lose another game for the rest of the season.

Game notes: Rockies 3, Padres 14 (5-1)

On May Day, the Padres showed their solidarity with the proletariate by getting to work. They dispatched with the capitalist scum Rockies by a score of 14-3.

Derek Norris proving me right / Yan Solarte proving Manny right

On the last episode of the podcast, I said Derek Norris is the Padre I’d most like to have at the plate with the World Series on the line.  Tonight, he gave further credibility to my statement with a solid single up the middle to score Justin Upton from third in the 4th inning.  Dude is batting damn over .600 with runners in scoring position.  After his RBI, I started bragging to other Pads Pod members about how my choice was spot on.  Then Yan Solarte, who was Manny’s choice for most clutch, came up and, after what seemed like hours after Norris’ at bat, slapped a two RBI single up the middle as well.  Solarte is also batting over .600 with RISP.  Although it wasn’t exactly a clutch situation, he came up in the 8th, with the game already in blow-out status, and singled home two more RBIs to take his total to 16 (sorry Jedd). Norris came up later that inning and doubled home Kemp. The race for the title of Mr. Clutch continues…

Chill the fuck out on the pitching

Our starters have, for the most part, been very good.  The bullpen will regress to the mean.  Fucking relax.  Do you think Kimbrel, Quack and Vincent are going to maintain ERAs near 5.00?  Hell to the no.  Furthermore, most of the relievers that caused us a shitload of damage are not currently on the 25 man roster (Kelley, Mazzoni, Rearick). I’m not saying this team doesn’t have some significant deficiencies, but, over the course of the season, I highly doubt the bullpen will be one of them.  Twitter can be a depressing place.  It’s hard to get perspective, but I really think we will be fine.  If I end up being wrong then I’ll just go fuck myself.

Self esteem

This was exactly the game our bullpen needed.  They were able to take over with an ample lead and get themselves right.  It was great to be able to get Quack in there in a low-pressure situation in the 7th.  He handled the situation with aplomb. I hope you don’t know what that word means because I’m doubtful that I used it correctly. Anyways, he sat those assholes down 1-2-3, and that’s gotta be great for his, and the entire pen’s, confidence going forward. Dale Thayer then came in, and continued to do his thing.  Nick Vincent took over in the 9th and had some trouble getting the final out, but overall I think it was a positive night for Padres relievers.

Upton’s base running

He went first to third early in the game. Then, he stole a base in the 7th after getting on base with an infield single. Showing he can compliment his power game with some small ball.

Pads Pod Episode 5: Step it Up

In this, the 5th episode of Pads Pod, we consider who we’d want to up to bat with the World Series on the line.  In addition, we discuss the possibility of a new shortstop.  You’ll also hear our pitch for a Kickstarter campaign to bring back Mervyn’s department store. 

Game Notes: Dodgers 1, Padres 3 (4-26)

The Padres demoralized a pitiful looking Dodgers team on Military Sunday by taking the final game of the series by a score of 3-1. Although the Dodgers won the series, it is now clear that these teams are headed in opposite directions.  The Dodgers will win no other games this season, while the Padres will win them all.  Game notes:

Glen Hoffman acting spracked

What’s the deal Hoffy? Chill out, broseph.  In the first inning, he sent Solarte home after a double by Kemp.  Solarte was coming from first base, and Pedersen had the ball before Yan had even reached third. So why risk it with Upton coming up?  Probably because he, like we do, believes this team can do defy logic and physics. For example, I believe that one day Jedd Gyorko will hit the ball hard and it will not go directly into an infielder’s glove.  Like Climate Change deniers, I will continue to believe this despite all scientific evidence to the contrary.

Upton’s defense

Great diving catch in the 3rd.  This fool is going to make so much money on the free agent market.  I hold out some slight semblance of hope that AJ will find a way to keep him.  But, whatever methods our rockstar GM ends up employing towards those ends, I’m sure they will be extremely unethical.

Alexi perplexi

After Friday’s game I wrote that Alexi didn’t deserve to be our starting shortstop this season.  He called me after the game that night and was like:

“What the fuck Pads Pod?  Why are you saying that shit about me?”

And, I was like “Alexi, I’m sorry but it’s just my opinion.  If you don’t like it, why don’t you go out there and show me I’m wrong?”

And he was like, “Alright, bitch. Watch what I’m fixin’ to do on Sunday.”

I thought he was just heated and talking nonsense that he couldn’t back up, but apparently he was serious. Lesson learned: continue saying that Alexi isn’t quite good enough to be our starting shortstop.

Two on, two out, bottom of the ninth World Series Game 7, tied:

If I could choose any Padres player to bat in this situation, with all due respect to Kemp and Upton, I, without hesitation, would choose Derek Norris. His offense won the game for us today (and he threw out a runner in the first, and made a great throw on a dropped 3rd strike in the 9th to get Adrian). Derek only just turned 26, and with Austin Hedges starting to hit at El Paso, the Padfather (AJ) has some interesting decisions to make in the coming years.

The 8th and 9th the way they should be

Today we saw our dreams realized.  A perfect, dominating, no nonsense final two innings from Benoit and Kimbrel.  When the Kimbrel trade was first announced, fantasies swirled in my head of opposing teams sobbing and shaking their heads as they realized that trailing the Padres after the 7th inning meant their feeble efforts had all been in vain. Rarely do we the idealized world inside our minds come to fruition.  But, this is the 2015 Padres, bitches.  Get used to it.

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