Episode 31: Rate Your Pain

On this lovely episode of Pads Pod, the crew discusses the pain of Padres fandom and what’s wrong with Wil Myers.  Looking to spice up the mundanity of a lost season, the gang then wonders what shows the boys like to watch when they’re in the mood for some “Netflix and Chill.” 

Pads Pod Episode 30: Rah, Rah, Sis-Boom-Bah!

The 2017 baseball season has begun and the San Diego Padres are warming all the hearts.  On this, the first episode of the young season, the gang discusses what makes this group so gosh-darned lovable.  We talk about Will Myers’ cycle in Colorado and finish our verbal jaunt with a game of “would you rather…”


Pads Pod Episode 28: The Division

On this episode of Pads Pod, the gang discusses how it feels to be a Padres fan now that the team has been fully dismantled and taken into a rebuild.  We talk about divisions within the fan base that this transition has created, and, finally, we consider what questions we would have asked ownership if we had been at the recent “Town Hall.”

You’ll also hear from our new sponsor, “San Diego Prosecutors for Hire” and how they’r helping AJ out with the Hector Olivera situation.

Pads Pod Episode 27: Lovable Losers of the 21st Century

On this episode of Pads Pod, the crew chooses their Padres ‘Lovable Loser’ team.  What the fuck does that mean? Well, I’ll tell you.

The gang each chose 9 position players and one starting pitcher from past Padre teams that were terrible baseball players, yet completely adorable at the the same time.  What are you left with? The Padres Lovable Loser Team of the 21st Century.

Was my explanation clear enough for you? Was it an adequate description? If it wasn’t adequate, then I ought to quit.  Get it? Fuck you.

Pads Pod Episode 26: Keeping it 100

On this very special episode of Pads Pod, we speak to Kirk Kenney, sportswriter for the San Diego Union Tribune about his new book 100 Things Padres Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die. Kirk shares his favorite Tony memory, his thoughts on the current state of the Padres and discusses some fascinating tidbits of Padres lore from the book.

We highly encourage you to check out the book for yourself.  You can purchase it on Amazon or http://100thingspadres.blogspot.com.

After the interview, we talk about how reading the book lead to a revelation about the Padres identity.

Pads Pod Episode 25: Boycott

On the 25th episode of Pads Pod, Manny and Ryan discuss if a temporary boycott of the Padres would be an effective tool for showing fan dissatisfaction and improving the quality of the team. Then we get all philosophical on your asses, and discuss what the minimum requirements are to consider yourself a fan of a given team.  We also boldly attempt to answer the question: “What is the Padres identity, and have they ever had one?”  We even talk about that jabronie extraordinare, James Shields.


*At the beginning of the episode, Ryan refers to it as episode 26. He was incorrect.  Like you give a shit.

Pads Pod Episode 24: Sweep!

For reasons which remain uncertain, Episode 24 may be the greatest episode of Pads Pod ever. On this episode we critique and respond to Kevin Acee’s article, “Getting in early on believing in Padres.” In doing so, we discuss whether or not the 2016 Pads are more fun to watch than the star-studded 2015 edition, in what ways we’ve improved as a ball club since then, how the club house chemistry appears to be different, and if there’s any value in improvement during a doomed season.

We finish the episode by playing a game entitled “Padres Mark-Ass Bitch” which involves a discussion of the most notable Padres personalities named Mark.

We are also treated to a commercial for the Aero Club starring Fernando Rodney and Wil Myers.*


*As usual, the Aero Club, nor any Padres players, had anything to do with our shitty podcast.

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